Here are some pages from Hansard's "Trout and Salmon Fishing in Wales"

The images are snipped from the Internet Archive, which holds gigital versions of thousands of scanned books, many to do with our favourite sport.

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One can't help but wear a wry smile after reading "The Ogmore has always been distinguished for its salmon, and there are few rivers in Wales more productive of this fish. Notwithstanding every destructive engine that ingenuity can invent is made use of for their capture by the idle and dissolute population of Bridgend......" - plus ca change!





The days of plenty had changed considerably - for the worse, unfortunately, - by 1904 when another literary reference to the Ogmore was published.

From "The Salmon and Sea Trout Rivers of England and Wales" the author, Grimble, who judged the Ogmore and neighbouring rivers to be incapable of supporting a game fishery --