Catch Returns

Catch returns for 2010 are now available for inspection due to the stirling work of club member and former vice chairman Mr. David Smith, many thanks Dave.

Commendable numbers of sea trout were caught and released in the 2010 season, OAA members caught 433 sewin and returned 368 of them, a return rate of 85%, a remarkable proportion of the total catch and all achieved without a mandatory order to do so. Club members should be extremely proud of this record as it appears that the message of exercising restraint as a way to improve the fishery has been very well received on the Ogmore.

2010's salmon catch was equally reassuring, 139 fish were landed, 104 returned, a release rate of 75%, another example of an enviable level of environmental awareness amongst our anglers, well done to all concerned and thanks for taking the time to complete the catch return form.


The brown trout catch was good despite an unusually dry spring, 3,554 landed, 2,777 released, a release rate of 78%. 1,600 brown trout were stocked.

Thanks to the work undertaken by Dave we have data for catch returns going back 10 years. All of this information is contained in the following documents. I hope you find the results interesting, our first marked fish have already been stocked this season so in future we'll be able to see how the stockies contribute to the catch.

Our catch return form has been updated and given a facelift to accommodate the data for marked trout, it can be viewed here and saved to your computer. Once the file's been saved you'll be able to enter your return on the computer and email it to Wynne, our secretary, as an attachment. I hope the electronic version of the form will facilitate a detailed return from members, it will be easier to find the form in the first place as well as offering an easily editable, simple to update document.



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