Anyone who witnesses pollution, illegal tipping of waste, fish in distress, poaching or danger to the natural environment, PLEASE report the incident to the Environment Agency's emergency hotline on

0800 80 70 60

Calls are free but the operators are normally based in England. Ask for the call to be transferred to a local office to deal with your call to save a lot of irritation with requests to spell place names etc. Be aware that the call can take a long time to pinpoint the location so prepare yourself to talk the operator through the map they'll have on screen to pinpoint the location unless you can give a grid ref from your phone.


Request feedback and an incident number to guarantee the call is logged. The EA have a statutary obligation to get back to you to keep you updated with information on the incident, use this service to assess the service they have provided.

Don't expect flashing blue lights, due to cuts in the service some calls relating to poaching are merely logged and used in an intelligence led policing operation, a very frustrating state of affairs admittedly but this mustn't deter you from phoning the information in, each call counts and the more reports received about poaching incidents escalates the prioritisation they receive from the EA's Enforcement team.




CPWF Campaign for the Protection of Welsh Fisheries


Ogmore AA, in partnership with other Welsh fishing clubs, have been instrumental in the establishment of this lobbying group. Incidents can be reported on the CPWF website using their online form along with a fund of advice on how to deal with threats to our waters.