Guiding and Instruction

Pictures of OAA members receiving fishing skills instruction  supplied by Geraint Jones

Ogmore Angling Association is lucky enough to have two professional fishing skills instructors within its membership who are able to offer instruction in casting and other fishing skills. Another way to improve your chances of catching a fish is to engage the services of an experienced local angler who can show you around the river and interpret the often overwhelming impression that an unfamiliar river can offer.


Guiding services on Ogmore Angling association waters are arranged exclusively through Mr. Wynne Griffiths, the club secretary, who can be contacted via email by clicking on this link


Casting and Skills Instruction

Angling instruction can be arranged by contacting either of our qualified angling professional, Geraint Jones.

Geraint is a member of GAIA (Game Angling Instructors Association) and holds the GAIC (Game Angling Instructors Certificate) in Single Handed Casting Techniques. he offers instruction and guiding services for all abilitities.

Contact Geraint via email or by phone on 07813 835 119



Those Game Angling Instructors Association (GAIA) acronyms explained in full -

GAIA have two award levels for three disciplines,The award levels are:

GAIC – Game Angling Instructors Certificate - basic to intermediate techniques

APGAI – Advanced Professional Game Angling Instructor Award – basic to advanced techniques.

The Disciplines are:

* Single Handed Casting Techniques (Trout, Seatrout and Saltwater)

* Double Handed Casting Techniques (Salmon)

* Fly Dressing (All techniques)