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Here we are on 23rd February and there's still no news regarding the new angling byelaws from NRW which are delayed in an administrative process.

The trout season begins on 3rd March and, according to information received and as far as we know currently there may be new byelaws designed to protect migratory fish which will apply to the methods used in trout fishing where the methods overlap with the angling methods used in targeting migratory fish, for example in respect to hook sizes and bait.
Although the season for sea trout and salmon begins on 1st April for the Ogmore Angling Association’s members the Ogmore River and tributaries are in the Gower fishery district ( see:- Rod fishing byelaws 2017.  A guide for anglers in Wales) which has an opening date of 20th March for sewin and salmon. Less than a month away from the off and we don’t yet know what the changes will be.

The Cabinet Secretary, Lesley Griffiths was recently questioned about the progress of the proposed legislation, viewable 14:44 into this Senedd TV video -

The transcript suggests it may be some months before a decision is reached -


Diolch, Llywydd. Inland fisheries and freshwater fishing is an important part of the rural economy. The Environment Agency has estimated that there are about 1,500 jobs in Wales that depend directly upon it. Whilst we're all concerned about the levels of salmon and sea trout in our rivers in Wales, I wonder if the Cabinet Secretary could give me her views upon Natural Resources Wales's proposals to introduce a 10-year mandatory catch and release policy, and also to introduce a blanket ban on anglers taking any salmon they catch to eat. The angling fraternity is very concerned about this because, obviously, taking home one's catch is an integral part of fishing for many, many anglers, and for the enjoyment of sport. There is a possibility that if the result of this is to deter people from coming to Wales, in particular to enjoy our rivers for fishing, that could have a detrimental effect also upon tourism in the countryside.

I'm waiting for Natural Resources Wales to supply their recommendations, following their consultation on this. I'm expecting it probably within the next two months. So, at the moment, I can't comment.


The situation is far from satisfactory, it may be best to check the club website for any changes to the byelaws as the season progresses, meanwhile carry on fishing as before but be aware there could be changes on the horizon.


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Committee member Derek Marshall has been continuing his diligent work in finding companies who are willing to donate some of their products as prizes for club events. This year, once again, his work has borne fruit and resulted in the club saying a big "thank you" to Fish Fishing Flies who have kindly agreed to sponsor our annual juniors competition this summer.

As well as this generous offer Fish Fishing Flies have also arranged for OAA members to receive a 10% discount on all of their products so please give this very supportive company your consideration the next time you're looking at buying some flies or other equipment. We've placed their details on the LINKS page of the web site to save you ferreting through News items for an address. Cheers Derek and FFF, well done.

New Byelaws on their way from Natural Resources Wales (NRW)

Some of the new byelaws which NRW have proposed and which are currently under the consideration of the Welsh Government are not covered in current club byelaws so it's possible that some changes will arise prior to, or during, the fishing season which will alter the manner in which you are required to fish. It's worth taking a look at the document to see what's in the pipeline so you're aware of how these new regulations may affect you and how it may require changes in the club byelaws which differ from those which you agree to at the point in time in which you join the club.

One would have hoped that this legislation could have been finalised prior to the start of the season but the budget cuts which have decimated NRW's operation have, as ever, reduced their capacity to deliver a reasonable service.

While we all appreciate the difference anglers can make by releasing fish the proposed legislation the legislation imposes a stack of restrictions on anglers with no quid pro quo in terms of pollution control, addressing predation from fish eating birds or measures to combat poaching, so, yet again, we so see no real progress in safeguarding our rivers against a tide of adverse impacts over which fishing clubs or individuals have very little control.


There are over thirty pages in the document so have fun reading them, the proposals for hooks are going to cause confusion if / when they come through and as far as those proposals go we'll definitely provide guidance on their application once we're aware of what's actually happening. As nothing is certain - and only a month remains prior to kick off - we'll keep a watchful eye on developments.


catch returns


For our more avid readers, NRW has set out its reasons for adopting new fishing control legislation in an interesting , albeit lengthy, document available here, 150 pages in total -

catch returns




River Clean-ups

As part of the club's commitment to guarding and improving the environment we hold regular meetings for members to get together and clean some of the litter which people illegally discarded in the river. By doing so the club improves the visual amenity offered by the river as well as removing items which are hazardous to the wildlife which lives in and around the Ogmore and its tributaries. We aim to make the river a better place for club members, the communities along its banks and the kingfishers, otters and fish which live along its banks, just some of the animals which contribute to this wonderful ecosystem.


Please come along to one of the events through the year, you'll be helping the environment and get the opportunity to meet fellow river lovers who'll be able to broaden your knowledge about the waters they protect.

1. Sunday 15th April 2018.  Meet at 9.30 am at -The Dipping Bridge

2. Sunday 6th May 2018.    Meet at 9.30 am at - Bridgend Life Centre Car Park

3. Sunday 24th June 2018. Meet at 9.30 am at - St Christopher’s Road

4. Sunday 8th July 2018.    Meet at 9.30 am a t- The Swing Bridge


From 2015, club members showing off some of the rubbish removed from the Afon Ewenni



2016 Catch Returns

Again I'm very pleased to see such heartening catch returns, our stocking policy has proved to be very successful with marked stocked fish supplementing a healthy and self sustaining population of truly wild brown trout and a stable salmon and sewin population being nurtured by the strong club ethos of returning fish. The catch returns which members complete give us the data to prove that returning fish leads to better catch returns.


Once more we have Mr. Dave Smith to thank for consolidating the data and providing us with the statistics and his observations which prove that our policies are working, good work Dave.


The information can be downloaded in PDF form from this link- catch returns

Catch and release

A hot topic at the moment with NRW proposals on compulsory C&R before the Assembly, more on that later, but regardless of that outcome the club are proud of the conservation oriented outlook which is reflected in our rules regarding the release of fish. All salmon since 2015 and all wild trout since 2012 have been returned and we set strict slot-sizes for the retention of sewin, we've demonstrated best practice and led the way towards the most sustainable approach to managing a fishery in Wales.


Our C&R rate stands at around a credit-worthy 90% - well done all - and now we'd like to direct members towards thinking about how they can ensure that released fish have the very best treatment to ensure they carry on to spawn successfully. As such carrying an appropriate landing net will become compulsory this season and we'd also like members to study this advice on releasing fish.

Please follow the link to view the document -


Back she goes - Colin Chapman returns a good day-time caught sewin to the Ogmore

Colin Chapman returns a sewin or  sewin , caught in the day time , to the River Ogmore




The 2018 Annual General Meeting of the Ogmore Angling Association Ltd. is to be held on Thursday, 22nd February at 7:30 pm in the Boardroom, Heronston Hotel, Ewenny Road, Bridgend, CF35 5AW




Membership renewal forms and new member forms for 2018

now available on the Membership page.







Club Outing 2017


By popular demand the club will be running its very popular trip to Llys-y-Fran in mid September.

The trip's free of charge to O.A.A. members offering a great opportunity to sample the delights of one of Wales' top still water fisheries without having to pay for travel expenses or a day ticket. There are only forty places so to avoid disappointment contact our secretary, Mr. Steve Simmonds as soon as possible.





Reporting poaching incidents in an effective manner, advice from the committee with thanks to the Angling Trust.



Fishing without permission and the theft of fish are criminal offences – with which the police are duty-bound to deal. However, because officers rarely, or may never, deal with such offences, they are generally untrained in this area of the Theft Act 1968, and we consequently have to provide certain information, to overcome this, when reporting incidents.
The offences involved are: -
Fishing without permission: Taking or destroying fish’, Schedule 1, Theft Act 1968.
‘Taking’ in this context (Wells v Hardy, 1964) does not mean carrying fish away from the water, but ‘to lay hands upon, to grasp, to seize or capture’. This does not, therefore, involve stealing fish, but the right to fish. The offence would be committed, in fact, is the offender had live fish in a keep net, or was fishing but yet to catch.
Important evidence would be clear signage indicating private fishing that the offender had failed to
produce a valid permit upon request, and/or had refused to quit, and/or had been challenged on a previous occasion.
All offences which the police are duty-bound to record and deal with have a unique Home Office Code (reference number). The Code for this offence is 116/11. Please do not, however, ask to report a ‘Code 116/11’ – the call-taker will not know what you are talking about. There are thousands of offences with such codes, and personnel do not know every single one. The significance of the code, though, is crucial - because this indicates that the offence is recordable and a police matter.
When reporting such an incident, the points to make, in addition to the essential what, where, when, description and attitude of the offender, and confirming signage etc., are: -

RING 101 and tell the operator

1. Fishing without permission is a Schedule 1 Theft Act 1968 offence.
2. The police are duty-bound to record and deal with it.
3. Point out that the Home Office Code for this offence is 116/11.
4. That, if applicable, the offence is in progress.
5. Whether the offender is verbally or physically aggressive.
6. Officers can refer to both the Police National Legal Database (PNLD), and the ‘Essential Guide to Angling Law & Fisheries Enforcement’, produced in 2013 by the Angling Trust and Environment Agency (EA), which was endorsed by the National Wildlife Crime Unit (NWCU) and uploaded to the Police Online Knowledge Area (POLKA).
7. Officers can refer, if necessary, to the NWCU for confirmation.

Should the call-taker state that this is a matter for Natural Resources Wales, N.R.W., be assertive but polite: it is not; N.R.W. largely deals with rod licence and local byelaw enforcement. It does not deal with fishing without permission – which is undoubtedly a police matter, given ‘1’ and ‘3’ above.

Your local police community support officer's (PCSO) contact details and operational areas-

JACK HARRIS           TEL – 07469907783
LIZ TANCOCK          TEL – 07825386255

SCOTT THOMAS      TEL – 07584883658
HEATHER DOBBS     TEL – 07805301432   Heather also covers Bridgend town old Tesco’s area.
LISA MOORE             TEL – 07805301434
PAUL GAULTRY         TEL – 07805301480
DONOVAN SMITH    TEL – 07805301478

JOHN PEGLER           TEL – 07584883637
RICHARD THOMAS   TEL – 07584004070
JOEL HOPKINS           TEL - 07469907948
KATIE ANDREWS       TEL – 07584003854  
CRAIG SPANSWICK    TEL – 07880057612



Catch Returns, 2015


Once again I have the pleasure of publishing the catch returns for the club compiled by Dave Smith.










Ogmore Angling Association Events Calendar 2017



Support your organisation:  

The committee is made up of members who volunteer their services to make the Association a success and they would really value your support at these events or in any way you feel you are able to help, be it helping to put in place access steps or helping to keep the river clean. 

Casting Clinics:

  These will take place on the following Sundays:-  March 5th,12th,19th & 26th and cover all aspects of single casting for the beginner, improver or advanced angler looking to improve their casting.  Meet at the Swing Bridge, Merthyr Mawr 10.00 am to 12 Noon on the 5th and 12th. For the meeting place for the 18th and 26th email Geraint at  Cost :- £15 for adults and free for under 16s. 

Ogmore Angling Fly Tying Club:

Meet regularly on Monday evenings throughout the close season at the Railway Canteen, Coity Road, Bridgend CF31 1XX, between 7pm and 9pm.
They welcome novices and experts alike. If you'd like to learn a bit more about fly dressing in a relaxed atmosphere or start from the very beginning you'll meet a friendly group of fly dressers who'll happily share their skills with you.

River Clean Ups:

  Your support in keeping the river clean would be very much appreciated.  There are three planned clean ups for 2017.

  1. Sunday 2nd April. Parking at St Christopher's Road Wildmill. Clean up from Dram pool working upwards towards the Glanrhyd hospital.  Meet at 9:30 am.
  2. Sunday May 21st. Dipping bridge up and below the bridge. Meet at Dipping Bridge at 9.30 am.
  3. Sunday July 2nd, Newbridge Fields parking A48 working upwards. Meet  at 9.30 am

Junior Competition: 

A competition for our junior members will take place on Sunday June 4thThere will be prizes awarded and, weather permitting, a BBQ after the competition. The competition will take place from 10:00 am to 1.00 pm meeting at the Dipping Bridge.  Methods are worm and fly.


From Steve Simmonds, Hon. Sec.





The club's AGM will be held on Wednesday, 15th February at 7.30 pm in the Ibis Suite,

in The Heronston Hotel, Ewenny Road, Bridgend CF35 5AW


Thanks to Mark Ryan for sending in this shot of his last fish of the season.


And here are some from Jonathon Jones illustrating the quality of the fishing offered by the River Ogmore

to those who put the hours in, well done Jonathon -