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Hot off the press, the new forms for 2016 -

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Catch return forms will be published here in due course.



Ogmore Angling Association now has its own Facebook group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/859514600801770/ .

You have to be a member of Facebook to access the group and need to request membership of the OAA group before you see the contents. It's more popular than the forum and a great way to keep up with club activities.



One of our junior members, Mr. Dylan Washbourne, aged 13, has kindly sent me some photographs of his catches from the Ogmore which show both his enviable skills as a fisherman and the great fishing available on the Ogmore. I particularly like seeing the fish returned and the opportunity the river offers for catching sole. Cheers Dylan, no need to wish you tight lines.



A great day for OAA juniors

The annual junior competition was keenly contested this year and attracted a good number of our youngsters. For the first time it was fished as a catch and release event, all wild fish had to be returned. Fish were measured and the accumulated length determined the winner, competition was keen and only 1 inch separated the first and second places . It was very encouraging to see that a number of dye marked stocked fish were also returned.

The use of measuring boards was suggested last year by the kids themselves and it proved to be a great success.
It was good to see Jack Jenkins caught an eel, sadly this is a very rare catch these days, our eel populations have crashed to levels which are around 99% of their former numbers, the impact on the larder which the river provides to its inhabitants is huge.

Thanks to Andrew Davies for supplying the measuring sticks and organising the competition and to all the members and parents who helped out on the day.

The competition result was as follows:

1. Ryan Morgan           4 fish total fish length 53 inches
2. Jack Jenkins            4 fish total length 52 inches including an eel
3.DylanWashbourne   2 fish total length 26 inches
4. Becky Evans            2 fish total length 24 inches

Prizes were generously donated by the Ogmore Fly Tying Club, Ewenny Angling, Keens of Aberkenfig and Gary Evans of Cardiff, all the kids left with a goody bag regardless of their catch and the top prizes were very impressive parrticularly . Many thanks for their support.

More pics from the kids comp - all images by Colin Chapman




Club clean up, River Ewenny

Great little turn out on the Ewenny and for a river that looked particularly clean at first glance we ended up with a fair bit of rubbish. A. Davies images.





Club Clean Up at Tesco, Bridgend. Images by A.Davies




Pics from the Junior competition from A. Davies







To be held at the Dipping Bridge on Sunday, 7th June, 2015 between 10 am and 1 pm.


EWENNY ANGLING and KEENS GUNS AND TACKLE have donated some fantastic prizes including baseball caps, fly boxes, a spool of braid and a brand new spinning reel.

The Ogmore Fly Tying club have donated the flies that were tied during the winter months as prizes and the fishing club have donated a free licence for the following season.

The competition is also open to non-members whomay join the club on the day. FREE REFRESHMENTS FOR ALL !!!!

We would like to promote a catch and release policy with the implementation of measuring boards and also barbless hooks which will be supplied on the day.

Jeff Keen, prop., Keens , has also very kindly said that for every new junior member joining the club he will contribute £5 towards the cost of their licence fee making it just £15 for juniors to join the club this year.

Many thanks to




Best wishes to all club members and visitors for 2015

The sun sets on the first day of the 2014 season. From Glanrhyd bridge, Wildmill.



Natural Resources Wales fishing byelaws 2015

Your guide to the complex and bizarre world of Welsh angling byelaws. Confused? You will be, seasons start at different times on neighbouring rivers and even along different sections of the same river.

The Ogmore is in the Gower Fisheries District, a lot of the byelaws applying to us come under the listings for "Other Rivers"

Remember, the OAA season for salmon and sewin doesn't begin until 1st April, no spinning is permitted up to 16th June.




New Club Secretary

Our club secretary, Wynne Griffiths, is retiring from office.


If you attended the AGM you’ll know our long standing secretary, Wynne Griffiths is stepping down this year due to new work commitments which will take him away from Bridgend and make considerable inroads to his spare time.

Wynne has been a model secretary and a committed supporter of the club, very reliable, articulate, even tempered (on the whole!) and a staunch defender of the club’s rights. We all relied on Wynne for his technical knowledge of the club’s constitution,legal matters, the political situation within the broader angling world and the intricacies of affairs pertaining to the club in general.

Minutes and agendas for committee meetings would always appear on time – or at least in the very nick of time – and letters and telephone enquiries from the public and members prioritised and responded to in good order. Newsletters which are very popular with the membership regularly appeared in a well organised and interesting format and our AGMs were always well arranged and delivered.

Having fished the river since his youth Wynne has a detailed knowledge of the club's waters, and this connection made him passionate in his defence of the reputation of the club, its fishing rights and the water quality of the Ogmore, I know how stressful he found some of the battles which he fought and won in defence of those principles. The club owes him a lot and the committee and club are sure to miss his wisdom, integrity and fundamental decency.  I hope he’ll have more time to fish the river from now on and spend his free time with rising trout rather than matters arising – all the best Wynne.

No pressure then new sec. !

We're happy to say that we're lucky enough to have found a new secretary, Mr. Steve Simmonds, a long time angler of the River Ogmore who shows every sign of being the best replacement we could possibly hope to find and one we're sure will be very able to fill Wynne's shoes. It's a daunting task and there's a lot to learn so many thanks for taking up the challenge Steve, you'll soon pick up the threads and we look forward to your contribution to the club.

Steve can be contacted via his email - secretary@ogmoreangling.com








Guide for Anglers Reporting Offences to the Police


From the Angling Trust, a guide to dealing with unauthorised anglers, a species not entirely unknown on the Og -

Fishing without permission and the theft of fish are criminal offences – with which the police are
duty-bound to deal. However, because officers rarely, or may never, deal with such offences, they are
generally untrained in this area of the Theft Act 1968, and we consequently have to provide certain
information, to overcome this, when reporting incidents.
Fishing without permission: Taking or destroying fish’, Schedule 1, Theft Act 1968.
‘Taking’ in this context (Wells v Hardy, 1964) does not mean carrying fish away from the water, but
‘to lay hands upon, to grasp, to seize or capture’ – or attempting to do so. This does not, therefore,
involve stealing fish, but the right to fish. The offence would be committed, in fact, if the offender had
live fish in a keepnet, or was fishing but yet to catch.
All offences which the police are duty-bound to record and deal with have a unique Home Office
Code (reference number). The Code for this offence is 116/11. Please do not, however, ask to report a
‘Code 116/11’ – the call-taker will not know what you are talking about. There are thousands of
offences with such codes, and personnel do not know every single one. The significance of the code,
though, is crucial - because this confirms that the offence is recordable and a police matter.
When reporting such an incident, the points to make, in addition to the essential what, where,
when, offender description, and confirming signage etc, are: -

1. Fishing without permission is a Schedule 1 Theft Act 1968 offence.
2. The police are duty-bound to record and deal with it.
3. Point out that the Home Office Code for this offence is 116/11.
4. That, if applicable, the offence is in progress.
5. Whether the offender is verbally or physically aggressive.
6. Officers can refer to both the Police National Legal Database (PNLD), and the ‘Essential
Guide to Angling Law & Fisheries Enforcement’, produced in 2013 by the Angling Trust
and Environment Agency (EA), which was endorsed by the National Wildlife Crime Unit
(NWCU) and uploaded to the Police Online Knowledge Area (POLKA).
7. Officers can refer, if necessary, to the NWCU for confirmation.
Should the call-taker state that this is a matter for the EA, be assertive but polite: it is not; the EA
largely deals with rod licence and local byelaw enforcement. It does not deal with fishing without
permission – which is undoubtedly a police matter, given ‘1’ and ‘3’ above.
It is always worth, though, making a follow-up call to the EA (0800 80 70 60), because there could be
other offences involved which are a matter for the Agency, and in any case this is important
intelligence that the Agency needs to be aware of.


Please Note:-

• There is no general power of citizen’s arrest attached to this offence, but the courts can
order the forfeiture of any items used in the commission of the offence, such as fishing
• The maximum fine for this summary offence is £5,000.

• This does not simply refer to sport-fishing methods, but any means of catching fish.


The Theft of Fish


In law, wild animals free to roam cannot be reduced into property, so cannot, therefore, be stolen –
this applies to fish in rivers. Other offences, however, may apply – such as removing fish contrary to
size limits, but that would be a matter for the EA, not police. The actual theft of fish, therefore, only
applies to those in enclosed waters.
Fish in enclosed waters, therefore, are considered property and can be stolen. This is simple theft,
contrary to Sections 1 – 7 of the Theft Act, 1968 – which every police officer in the country does
When reporting the theft of fish from enclosed waters: -
1. Make clear that in enclosed waters fish are property in law.
2. That this is simply theft, contrary to Sections 1 – 7, Theft Act 1968.
3. That (if applicable) the offence is in progress.
4. That the fish are financially quantifiable.
5. The theft is not a matter for the EA, but the police.
6. The offender has no written consent from the riparian owner or controller of fishing
rights to remove the fish.
7. Officers can refer to the aforementioned Guide on POLKA, for clarification.
8. If necessary, officers can refer to the NWCU for advice and confirmation.
Necessary evidence, as ever, would be who, what, where and when, paying particular attention to
descriptions, vehicles, and whether, say, water tanks, nets etc were present.


Please Note:-

As an indictable offence, there is a power of citizen’s arrest attached to theft. However, guidelines
issued in 2006, state that such arrests should only be made in ‘serious cases’ and when no constable
is available, intervention would need to be justified, and any force used must be reasonable – if
considered unreasonable, that would constitute a criminal assault. The Angling Trust’s considered
advice, therefore, is not to attempt citizen’s arrests but to await the arrival of a constable.


For further information: -

Dilip Sarkar MBE, Fisheries Enforcement Manager
Email: dilip.sarkar@anglingtrust.net
Mobile: 07971 677638
Issued July 2014







Why it's called the Dipping Bridge -




Catch Returns 2013

Once again we have to thank Dave Smith for his work compiling these catch returns for the perusal of club members.

The statistics help to build up a picture which advises the committee on how to manage the river. Documenting your catch and submitting it to the club annualy is essential for good river management so please keep an accurate record and make sure we get it.









Some of the fish caught from the Ogmore in 2015 by club treasurer Mark Ryan.









Pictures of the Ogmore


From Mr. John Davies - "I found these pictures of the river on the internet. The is also a clip of an OS map showing the location with each photo.

I thought it was very useful to anyone who does not know the river well.





Thanks John, I'm sure members will appreciate that contribution.




The river has received its first stocking of the season, an event which, traditionally, was followed by a 2 metre flood. The fish should be well dispersed thus confounding the spear gunning fraternity.



New Technique

The great thing about fishing is that every day's a school day and you'll constantly pick up new techniques - this gentleman, however took a wrong turn -


Salmon poachers with spear guns caught on River Neath

FIVE people have been fined for their part in an illegal salmon and trout poaching ring on the River Neath.

Swansea Magistrates Court heard that officers from environmental watchdog Natural Resources Wales (NWR) swooped on the river near Glynneath following tip-offs from the public and caught David Thomas Green and Jonathan Allan Davies in the act of shooting salmon with a spear gun.*

South Wales Police and NRW officers then searched the men’s houses where they found another spear gun*, diving equipment and dead salmon.

Officers also seized mobile phones and found photos and text messages which led them to James Pike, Callum Taylor and Collette Edwards.

Davies, aged 24, of Lon y Nant, Glynneath, pleaded guilty to using a prohibited implement — namely a spear gun — to take salmon, fishing without a licence and handling salmon in suspicious circumstances. He was fined £400 and ordered to pay £300 costs.

Green, aged 53, of High Street, Glynneath, pleaded guilty to using a prohibited implement and to fishing without a licence. He was fined £140 and ordered to pay £300 costs.

Pike, aged 27, of Robert Street, Glynneath, pleaded guilty to using a prohibited implement and handling salmon in suspicious circumstances. He was fined £160 and ordered to pay £300 costs

Taylor, aged 28, of Ynyslas Crescent, Glynneath, pleaded guilty to handling salmon in suspicious circumstances and was fined £80 and ordered to pay £300 costs, while 43-year-old Edwards, of Mae y Dre, Glynneath, pleaded guilty to handling salmon in suspicious circumstances and was fined £100 and ordered to pay £300 costs.

All the offences took place between July and October 2013.

Erin Smyth, senior environmental crime officer with NRW, said she hoped the prosecutions would send a warning to would-be poachers who “think they can flout the rules and take advantage of our environment”.

She said: “We hope the hefty fines served by the court in this case sends out a clear message to those who think they can flout the rules and take advantage of our environment.

“Salmon, sea trout and freshwater fish are important to our local economy, attracting angling tourists and contributing some £75m to the Welsh economy – so it’s important we look after them.

“In many rivers across Wales, these species are in decline, so illegal poaching adds another pressure and threatens sustainable populations for future generations.”

We're aware of illegal activity concerning our waters in Sarn and Blackmill, if anyone sees anything suspicious contact NRW on 0800 807060.


*Members are reminded that spear guns are not considered to be a legal method on OAA waters.





Don't forget!!!


the Annual General Meeting of the Ogmore Angling Association Ltd. is to be held on Thursday, 29th January at 7.30pm in the Boardroom at the Heronston Hotel, Ewenny Road, Bridgend, CF35 5AW


Early Season

Trout can be caught from day one of the season on the Ogmore even though the weather can seem arctic at times - here's one I had on 3rd March last season. Why not shake off the winter blues by joining and experience the enormously varied angling opportunities offered by full membership of this magnificent club?


And even if you only fish for trout...

the odd sewin can always make an unexpected appearance, as this one did on the afternoon of 23rd September,

taken on a small gold bead hare's ear in the daytime.



River level, 2014