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Ogmore Angling Association's 125th Anniversary Celebrations


From Facebook, 23rd April.


Gents places are quickly filling up so if you haven't registered to go on the trip then please get your skates on and inform the club secretary. 
Ladies and gentlemen as you may be aware it is the club's 125th anniversary this year and to celebrate the anniversary the club would like to invite you to an event being held at Llys y fran or Saturday the 17th of September 2016. 
This will be a free event including free transport free fishing and food after the event by means of a barbecue there are also prizes and a free gift. 
If you would like to attend the event then please could you email to Club secretary at to reserve your place, could you please also identify whether or not it will be a father son mother daughter etc etc 
As you can understand this will only be open to current members of The Ogmore Angling Association. 
Unfortunately if you do say you are going to attend and you do not attend then a £20 surcharge will be put onto your licence fee for next year. 
The bus will have two pick up points, first will be from the Embassy in Bridgend leaving at 6:45 a.m, the second from Sarn services at 7 a.m. 
If you have any ideas for this event for suggestions that you would like to put forward then please leave a comment here or feel free to email the secretary.






After several years of negotiation, permissions and design we've finally seen the installation of a an angler friendly gateway to our fishing in Bridgend town centre.

The previous, literally life-threatening barrier installed by the Environment Agency has been removed and a gate which allows anyone with ordinary or impaired mobility to fish without the vertiginous experience the previous arrangement offered. Congrats to the committee for keeping the pressure upduring the upheaval caused by the EA becoming NRW.


I recorded the old climb we had to do as a reminder of how bad it was for our existing members and the historic interest of new members, they don't know how lucky they are, when I was a lad........





1st March 2016


Your permit's in the post, apologies for the split second timing, we were a little late getting to the printer and they were a little late getting the tickets out. C'est la vie.

Best of luck to all for the new season.





For those of us who missed the AGM. An important change to the rules was announced, namely the manner in which bait can be fished, do be aware that from the beginning of 2016 only barbless hooks may be used for worm fishing. There are couple of other changes so please read the rules to familiarise yourself with current regs.

Here they are -

Newbies, the ones to study particularly hard are those governing angling methods, it's very easy to fall foul of these as some of us can tell you only too well, no names of course, you know who you are......Take care to note dates, locations etc. to save yourself the embarrassment of a roasting from fellow members or the bailiffs who are particularly well versed in these details, just learn the rules of the game which we agree amongst ourselves and get on and enjoy it.



Annual General Meeting, 2016

7.30 pm on Thursday, 18th February

At the boardroom, Herenston Hotel, Ewenny Road, Bridgend CF35 5AW




Catch Statistics for 2014

Once again the club is grateful to Dave Smith for his work on compiling the statistics from our catch returns, here they are for 2014. As ever they indicate the success of the catch and release policy and its practice in the club. Here's the nitty gritty, always an interesting read -

Brown trout Brown trout, click to open


Sea Trout Sea trout, click to open


Salmon salmon, click to open


Overview of catch returns overview, click to open



Club Forum

Due to the popularity of the club's Facebook account the committee have decided to end the website's forum.



NRW have introduced new river level mapping to let you accurately gauge the depth to which your house has flooded, it's also a handy tool for anglers.

The overview map, part of which is shown below can be found here



By clicking on the dots you'll get a default graph showing how the river levels have been over the last 4 days which allows a pretty good assessment of the likely state of the river. Assumptions on the potential for decent fishing can be made once you become accustomed to checking river levels and relating them to past and present experiences and considered in the light of current climatic conditions, the position of the moon and the orientation of any black cats which may have crossed your path.


The graphs are good, here's the Bridgend one today, Jan 8th 2016, a falling river, a profile which we'd love to see in July....

<img src="Ogmore Images/2016/4 day river level Bridgend" />



And the montly view, accessed by the drop down menu indicating what a jolly awful month it's been for rain -


<img src="Ogmore river level, month view" />


The Ewenny also has a gauging station at Keepers Lodge at the bottom of Crack Hill which is handy, note the almost identical flood profiles for the two rivers which does rather undermine the much vaunted description of the Ewenny as a Welsh chalk stream, it isn't, it's a spate river but not a very big one.

<img src="Ogmore Images/2016/Ewenny gauging station" />


I was out on the Ewenny on the 5th when it was running at around 0.5 metres and in my view the river was too high for good grayling fishing, however it was just about fishable for someoe with cabin fever. Maybe when it hits 400mm it will have slowed down enough to make out a few features in the water, it was a bit of a blur at that height.






Wishing a happy new year and good fishing to all of our members.

Hot off the press, the new forms for 2016. Please remember that renewals will not be accepted without the necessary completed catch return forms for trout, grayling salmon and bass,even if you've blanked, and heaven knows with salmon stocks being as poor as they are we anticiate a high number of blank returns in that section. Whatever, the trout and sewin fishing was good last year and ALTHOUGH THE BOOKS ARE OPEN CURRENTLY WE WILL BE CLOSING THEM WHEN MEMBERSHIP HITS A CERTAIN POINT. JOIN NOW WHILE YOU STILL CAN!

Existing members renewal form---------------------------Existing members renewal form

New member application form------------------------------New member application form

Catch return form for trout----------------------------------Catch returnfor trout

Catch return form for salmon, grayling and sewin--- Catch return form for salmon, grayling and sewin