Club Rules, Byelaws and Catch Returns


Club Rules and Byelaws

On becoming a member of the Ogmore Angling Association, all members are issued with an up to date set of Association Rules and Byelaws which they are required to conform with.

These rules are subject to change, should the need arise, at the Annual General Meeting.

It is recommended that all Association members become familiar with these rules and in so doing prevent possibly awkward situations from arising.

For those members that no longer have an up to date set of Association Rules and Byelaws, a facility has been made available to enable you to download them and hence have an up to date set to hand.

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Catch Returns

All members of the Association, under section 3.11 of the Association Rules and Byelaws, must complete a mandatory catch return at the end of each season on the form issued by the Company.
We understand that you might not feel it's necessary because you didn't have a very good season and besides, what good would your input do anyway?

Even a nil return tells us a lot about the state of the river. All catch returns benefit the Association in a number of ways. They are used in the first instance to monitor the state of the migratory fish returning to the Ogmore. The information that we obtain goes into a database that can indicate trends over a period of time of a possible falling population of migratory stocks. Rather than be reactive to any issues, we can be proactive and put in place plans to investigate and possibly offset minor problems before it's too late.

Secondly, we must safeguard the fishing for present and future generations of anglers. As such, we require catch returns to enable us to record, what fish were caught each season. For example, should a major pollution incident occur that devastates the river, through various agencies, we would be able to seek compensation. However, without a true and accurate record of the catches that have been made, the Association would not be able to make representations for the loss of fish, other agencies, based on the number of fish caught would not be able to make an assessment of the number of juvenile fish lost and therefore, any possible restocking program would be seriously undermined because of the lack of data, i.e. catch returns that could be relied on.

We hope then, that you can see how important a catch return is to the Association.

In addition, it would be appreciated by the Association if visiting anglers could also complete a catch return for our records.

Completed forms are to be returned to the Membership Secretary. Please see the Contacts Page.

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