Single Hooks for Tube Flies


Single hooks have a number of advantages over treble hooks which have been the traditional choice for anglers using tube flies. They're much easier and quicker to remove from fish than trebles, they reduce the time taken in handling fish improving its chances of recovery, less expensive than trebles, more efficient at hooking fish, lighter and less prone to snagging.

There is a disadvantage with single hooks though, the diameter of their shanks is much thinner than that of trebles and due to this they're not held fast by the extension tubing used on tube flies.

If you like your single hook to line up with the tube and remain fixed in position you can either whip some thread to the hook shank to bulk it out or use some heat shrink tubing. I prefer to use HST as it's quick and easy to apply and more robust than thread.

What you'll need - some 2mm heat shrink tubing - clear used here but it comes in colours. 5 metres costs £1.99 from eBay at 2011 prices and the hooks are just 11p each, a considerable saving over Kamasan trebles which are roughly 50p each.


Here's the problem, a bog standard expendable tube fly, the hook's far too thin to sit firmly in the silicone tubing -



You'll find one length of 2mm HST isn't sufficiently thick to fit the extension tubing but two pieces overlaid do the trick nicely-



If you prepare a batch of hooks it's a good idea to use a night light as a heat source




The finished job, the hook is now held very firmly by the tubing.



Photos and text - Colin Chapman